Maison de Quartier des Eaux-Vives

The Maison the Quartier is a community center in Geneva, Switzerland. This large project aimed at refreshing the Maison de Quartier’s identity to make it look younger and more human (the old identity was dubbed too corporate). Only the logo stays unchanged. The client asked for a design that is strong and impactful, while showing the local and human component of the Maison de Quartier. Using a torn paper effect the design conveys the idea of publications made collaboratively, by hand. It’s a strong design element conveying determination but flexibility. Every year the brochures are reissued with new activities; to mark this constant renewal the main colour (here purple) changes to create season releases. We’ve chosen purple for the first season as a reminder of the wisteria covering the place’s whole front yard.
While I’m in charge of the design, project management and part of the website development have been undertaken by fellow freelancers part of the Vocables cooperative.

This is a project on behalf of the cooperative Vocables.