Origami can help you with…

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#1. Brand design

Creating your brand identity and communicating it

We are passionate about shaping your ideas into a brand with a unique identity, reflecting your business and values. Making your brand consistent by using a unique visual identity across all channels will help your audience identify, understand and remember it.

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#2. Web Design

Establishing your online presence

With expertise in UX and UI, Origami can design your website to ensure it represents your brand, suits your needs, but most of all, pleases your customers. Designing with the user in mind is ensuring not only an attractive and engaging design, but a usable and inclusive one.

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#3. Communication

Helping you get your message out there

We thrive when working holistically on your visual communication. Our clients trust us to help keep their branding cohesive and their marketing efficient across all channels. We don’t execute. We’re your go-to all-rounder who can create a social campaign from A to Z, finding the right hooks and designs.

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Concretely that is…

Logos and visual identities | Stationary | Marketing material: brochures, flyers, posters, stickers | Print and online ads | Signage and banners | Responsive websites and mobile apps design (UX and UI) | WordPress websites | Newsletters | Packaging.