Park Regis by Prince

Established hotel brand Park Regis started a new chapter being rebranded Park Regis by Prince as it sits under the umbrella of both Australia’s StayWell and Japan’s Prince hotels. The Medicine Man Consulting Services took on the job to work the repositioning and new strategy of the brand, now upscale. Origami was in charge of translating this new strategy into a new visual identity. Although the request was to keep the original logo, we provided identity proposals with a refined logo which convinced the group. The new identity follows the motto “The World’s Most Thoughtful Hotels”, reflecting the brand values with a simple, refined design. We aim for a look that is high standard, but accessible. It’s polished, with no frills. The intensity of the Midnight Green is the passion the company pours into its work. It’s the background of the Fleur-de-Lys, filled in a soft and warm sand colour. Great care is given to a photography reflecting the premium style and personal touches. A subtle wave pattern is a reminder of the brand roots from Japan and Australia. Combined together, these brand elements create a strong visual identity that is warm, modest, natural, classic, and upscale.

Learn more about the new branding and the first hotel opening as Park Regis by Prince on the StayWell website.

This is a project on behalf of The Medicine Man Consulting Services